pulli & chomba

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Once, upon a time....

...Goddexes created the first galactic heartbeat. They commended the pharaohs Pulli & Chomba to rule with sweetness in order to guard the wild bohemian rhythm.

During thousands of centuries the story tells us that “The red velvet kingdom” ruled by these pharaohs has travelled from constellations to constellations to inundate many worlds with joy and pleasure.

This manifestation is known as “The big rave” where deities and mythological beings decorate their feathers with glowing colors and flowers.

The celebration of this unique encounter is a magical and fantastic ritual, where bird beings dance to keep the balance of the universal heart. 
Pulli & Chomba gave the word “freedom” as a present to the human earth, so that through their music you can bond with the ancestral frequency and become a fierce creature of the night. 
To summon The Red Velvet Kingdom into your reality you must remember the ancestral declaration: 

“Liberate the wings of your heart to dance in eternal freedom”

Hey there,

we want to give you a very sweet welcome to our red velvet kingdom. We are Pulli & Chomba.  

Under deities and mythological beings this kingdom of the red velvet is known to be a magical place, where you can experience the sweetness of the wild bohemian rhythm. Our mandate is to bring joy and  freedom to all the people of the world, in order to keep the balance of the universal heart.

In a constant search for organic and effervescent sounds, we would like to take you on our german-chilean fusionated trip from downtempo, to afro-house, melodic and more. 

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pulli & Chomba